About Me


Who am I?


My full name is Edwin Jakob Pohan.

I am 100% Indonesian.

Founded SciTechReporter as a hobby (currently not being worked on).

Got my BA from University of Indonesia and recently earned my MBA from Seoul National University.

Currently reside in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Experiences Abroad

A. Born in Hamburg, Germany.

B. Spent a while in Moscow, Russia.

C. Kindergarten and a year of elementary school in Sofia, Bulgaria.

D. Two years of elementary and later returned for junior high school until completed college in Indonesia.

E. Finished elementary school and a year of junior high school in New York, USA.

F. Graduate school in Seoul, South Korea.

G. Had the chance to visit many parts of the States (mostly East Coasts), Europe (West to East), and other Asian countries (China).



My Passions


I've been following technology news in general for the past several years, from mobile technologies to drones and autonomous cars.


I love music in general, though I tend to lean on specific sections and sub-genres for each music type. I also play guitar.


Knowledge from BA and MBA gave me interesting insights in business. I prefer marketing and IT-related business.


I'm not an expert but science in general is quite fascinating.


My Skills